Love for problem solving and data. Interested in people and the world around me. Started in Science, went through Economics and now into Data Analysis.

Using Stata and Python for getting insights from data for fun.


  • 2012-2016: PhD course, Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu

Took the 4 year course, but hadn’t found the time to write my thesis.

  • 2006-2011: MS, Chemistry, Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu

Yep, I actually studied chemistry. Wrote my Master’s thesis on developing a computer algorithm to fit the theoretical model of molecule stretching to data from computational molecular dynamics simulations. Much fun, math and introduction to programming.


  • 2020+: Expert, Ministry of Finance, Warsaw

Microsimulation modelling using administrative data.

  • 2019-2020: World Bank Consultant, Ministry of Finance, Warsaw

Working with Polish administrative and survey data.

Worked as a Economic Researcher for an independent research institute. Done mostly survey data exploration and econometric analysis. Worked with household data for microsimulation and SHARE.

  • 2012: Trainee, European Parliament

Administrative work at the secretariat with issues of EU enlargement, urgent cases of Human Rights and the Rule of Law breaches for a political group in the EP.

  • 2011: MEP Trainee, European Parliament

Admin support for Member of the European Parliament.


  • 2019: Short Term Consultant, World Bank

Extending research on tax and benefit system in Cambodia.

  • 2018: Short Term Consultant, World Bank

Part of team for distributional analysis of taxes and benefits for Lao PDR and Cambodia. The final raport “A Resurgent East Asia : Navigating a Changing World” can be accessed here.

  • 2017: Consultant for the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

Expertise providing details on changes in the Polish tax system.

  • 2016: Short Term Consultant, World Bank

Microsimulation and expertise regarding the Polish tax and benefit system.

  • 2015: Introductory Stata workshop, lecturer

Seminar together with computer lab on using Stata for data analysis. Part of course on data analysis for Szczecin University PhD students and faculty.


We use SHARE data to analyze how being materially and socially deprived in old age affects health.

Stata SSC package for enabling easier work with SHARE data.

Microsimulation analysis of consequences on household budgets of main Polish parties’ proposals.

  • Sep 2015: Myck, M., Kundera, M., Najsztub, M., Oczkowska, M., Dwie kadencje w polityce podatkowo-świadczeniowej: programy wyborcze i ich realizacja w latach 2007-2015. IV Raport Przedwyborczy CenEA

Report on the effects of tax and benefit policy changes in 2007-2015.

Paper on adjusting PHBS weights by using age distribution and external macroeconomic variables.

  • Feb 2015: Myck, M., Kundera, M., Najsztub, M., Oczkowska, M., VAT w wydatkach gospodarstw domowych. I Raport Przedwyborczy CenEA

Report on VAT tax paid by households using the PHBS data.

  • Oct 2014: Myck, M., Kundera, M., Najsztub, M., Oczkowska, M., Projekt budżetu na rok 2015 - jak plany odczują domowe budżety?, komentarz CenEA

Analysis of proposals regarding central government budget for 2015 in Poland.

  • Sep 2014: Myck, M., Kundera, M., Najsztub, M., Oczkowska, M., Zreformowana ulga by ulżyć rodzicom, komentarz CenEA

Analysis of governmental proposals regarding changes in the child tax credit in Poland.

  • Nov 2013: Myck, M., Kundera, M., Najsztub, M., Oczkowska, M., Ponowne „mrożenie” PIT w kontekście zmian podatkowych od 2009 roku, komentarz CenEA

Analysis of Personal Income Tax freezing in Poland in the context of tax reforms since 2009.


  • Reading

I love SciFi books as well as some western and eastern philosophy from time to time. A huge admirer of Stoics, Erich Fromm and Alan Watts. Sometimes I also like to read a popular book about economics and society, e.g. by N.N. Taleb.

  • Traveling connected with hiking

At lest once a year I go somewhere to walk with my tent and backpack for a week. I walked across the Polish shore, I biked from Warsaw to Lublin and also spent a week in Retezat mountains in Romania. In 2019 I took a 1400km bike trip aroud the Baltic coast. Plan to walk the Camino someday…

  • Music

As a consumer by going to concerts and festivals. I also learn to play the clarinet.

  • Electronics

Rediscovering the joy of tinkering with DIY hardware. Some examples:

  • Hacking Freescale/Motorolla processors through BDM: BDM_UsbBlaster

  • Pin state setter/gettin in Python: JTAG GUI


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